Aloha! Online ecohashi are all sold out for the holidays in 2014.
However, you can find ecohashi at Red Pineapple in Ward Center, Honolulu. Mahalo!
(Photo: David Croxford)
WHAT IS ECOHASHI? It's a fun and fashionable organic cotton napkin wrapped around reusable bamboo chopsticks. When it's time to eat, reach for your ecohashi instead of disposable chopsticks or plastic utensils. After using, toss ecohashi in the washing machine and the chopsticks in the sink.
WHY ECOHASHI? Every year, 63 billion disposable chopsticks are manufactured, using 25 million trees. Most of them ultimately end up in landfills, generating tons of waste. ecohashi was inspired by the growing movement launched by Greenpeace China to BYOC (bring your own chopsticks). Use ecohashi instead of disposable utensils and help make the world a better place!